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Overtime Sports Group strives to utilize our expertise in sports marketing, management, and networking to best serve our athletes. We are dedicated to developing authentic brands that embody each individual associated with our company.  Our main objective is to provide endless opportunities and resources to ensure that our clients reach their full potential inside and outside the arena. 

the overtime experience

Overtime Sports Group (OTSG) is a sports management company that was developed in the halls of Benedictine High School in Cleveland, Ohio by a group of friends who shared a vision. Cleveland is the home of many amazing talents, and we felt the need to bring those talents to life through our mutual love for sports. However, although we are a sports management company, we aim to reach beyond the limitations of such. 


Since the beginning, we have strived to provide our clients with first-class service. We are prideful in the part we play with assisting the athletes in their evolution becoming great individuals inside and outside of the business. We stress our focus on creating generational wealth for our athletes. We go above and beyond the call of duty to seek opportunities that are essential to achieving that goal. 

Here at OTSG, we are devoted to exceeding the expectations of our clients. Because of our expertise, and genuine care for our athletes, we will create authentic brands to represent them comprehensively.


Community Outreach



Talent Management

OTSG is committed to catering to the client’s needs acting as a liaison between clients and third -party stakeholders to optimize brand management and ensure the pressures of daily tasks are minimized.    

Business Development 

Understanding the necessity for triadic income to create sustainability, OTSG provides services to evaluate, redefine, or maintain asset opportunities at regular intervals. In addition, tools for personal interests and skill discovery are available for every client.   

Public Relations

OTSG continues to work with public relations specialists to help us gain awareness within our target market, while staying true to our brand. With their expertise, we will bring our clients' vision to life. 


OTSG is committed to providing clients with pertinent information regarding the interests of target audiences driving off the field opportunities and elevating brands that are aligned with client’s personal philosophies and world-views.  

Content Creation

OTSG works with top-notch content creators to bring to life clients’ vision and brand through the use of visual and social media. Each client has the ability to personalize every detail of the content they want the world to see.

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